PVC Profile Applications
Windows and Doors
for Commercial - Residential buildings

The MOTIF company traces a long and successful course in the field of manufacturing synthetic frames in Greece. With an eye always focused on the future, it has a complete manufacturing unit, in privately owned facilities of 1,200m2, with state-of-the-art high-tech mechanical equipment.

So, when it comes to unique solutions in windows and doors, the choice is the MOTIF company. The products of our company have high quality characteristics and offer comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in the living space.

Why choose MOTIF?

Our products / projects features

High thermal insulation

Energy Saving

When it comes to energy efficient windows, the U-index of the windows is considered. The U value is the heat transfer coefficient, it characterizes the thermal insulation of a window and expresses the amount of energy that flows in one hour through a surface of 1 m². The lower this value, the higher the thermal insulation.

Compared to conventional, single-chamber windows, with U-values on average around 5.8 W/m²K, MOTIF windows have thermal insulation values of up to 0.67 W/m²K.


Soundproof windows

Our age is characterized by loud noises. All kinds of vehicles, loud music, etc.

Choose the level of sound insulation that suits the area of your home or office and let MOTIF take care of the absolute tranquility "within the walls". Sit back and relax - without listening to outside noises. This not only increases the quality of life, but generally contributes to well-being.

Window dimensions

beyond the ordinary

Today, in architecture, structures with large openings that are flooded with light are more in demand than ever. Large windows contributed significantly to this.

The unparalleled quality of our products enables us to manufacture functional and safe frames with a frame width of up to 10m and a height of up to 2.7m, with a very robust profile.


Designs and colors

Window and door designs and color significantly affect the overall presence of a building and give it its unique identity.

Configure the windows according to your taste, with the only limit being your imagination. Choose large or small windows, with one or two leaves, with or without folds or even in special designs, round or triangular windows.

Combine the above options with one of the available colors or the look of wood with the unique matte surface. You will be surprised at how difficult it is to distinguish synthetic from wood framing.

Planning to start a new project?

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your project

Our team of experts analyze the specifications and details of your architectural design, all the particular conditions of your project. Based on your requirements we propose the best solution for you.

Our proposal includes cost analysis and delivery times, based on a series of factors like type of materials, scale of project, location e.t.c.

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